Find out more about Karm el Joz

Karm el Joz is a space for celebrations.
Located in Taanayel, at the entrance of the Bekaa,
it is one of the largest walnut orchards in the country.
It is trees and green for as far as the eye can see!


In between the trees, you’ll find 3 white and blue buildings. Inspired by the architectural style of the region, and influenced by many more, it is a place that looks like no other.

During the day, Karm el Joz is colorful, bright and authentic, and after the electric pink sunset, the night is full of energy, charming and glamorous.



In Karm el Joz people feel at ease, in touch with nature, and very energetic. It might be all the trees, or all that extra oxygen, there is just something about that place: people always leave happy … and never too early!

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Karm el Joz is a family business; it is managed by Kim, Miguele and Audrey Issa.
“We were so taken by the Bekaa, that we decided to share it with everyone else. We grew up right here, in those very fields; this is our home. It is where we learned how to ride bikes and so did our friends! We think Taanayel is an exceptional place, and that’s why we came up with Karm el Joz.”