On the road to Jezzine or Mokhtara, Bater is the perfect stop.
And no home is sweeter than Dar el Berke.
A home for flowers, fruits, and friends.
A place for parties, celebrations, and camping.
A place where you feel like you can change the world.
Every room carries a memory and every stone a love story.

It's a place that was meant for hosting. The welcoming trees, the friendly breeze, the playful leaves, all come together to make you feel at home, in the most natural of places. Time is the house's closest friend. Together they have built a place that can't be found anywhere else.
This place doesn't have to try to be authentic, it's the real deal and it can make you dream like no other.

A place so charming can only belong to a host just as charming.
Nana Hamdan has been bringing smiles and sparks to Dar el Berke for years.
Her energy is so contagious that it has spread through the whole property, making it one of the most exceptional spaces of the country.

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