Discover additional options

We've gotten to know the region well, we know what tastes good and what looks good here.
With a few additional gastronomical and decorative options, the event could become even more complete and harmonious! Take a look at the available additional options.


Nothing fits the context or feeds the people better than delicious sheep meat. The “kharouf” has become an institution, it’s everyone’s favorite. Our sheep grow up healthy and happy in the fields surrounding Karm el Joz. After a 5 hour roast, each sheep constitutes about 25kg of meat and can feed around 75 people.


The traditional Lebanese “amuse-bouche” is the perfect thing to serve during a welcome drink. The guests can watch the women working the saj, and enjoy different types of man’ouche: thym, cheese, kechek, nutella … It’s a great way to keep guests waiting for the main course! It also works beautifully as an after-party snack.

Arabic coffee

Most Lebanese mark the end of a meal with a well-roasted coffee. It has become one of the most crucial parts of any gathering. The coffee tastes even better when it is prepared by a local Bedouin, roasted on the spot, heated in gold jars, and served in traditional ceramic cups (shaffé)!


The traditional hrissé is a delicious blend of chicken, wheat and meat, topped with tasty spices of the Bekaa region. It is prepared for six hours and then served in little bowls. The Hrissé is the perfect entrée, it allows everyone to have a bite while chatting. It is filled with true Bekaa flavors.


Some places just say “Arguilé”. Karm el Joz is one of those. After a delicious meal, or in between a few dance moves, nothing tastes better than a well-prepared arguilé. Guests can order their own from the traditionally dressed young boy serving it.

Ceremony Set-up

Nature is all about union. Saying vows that echo through the wind is a unique experience. To make that ceremony special, Karm el Joz provides a simple and romantic set up: a wooden altar, a wooden cross, and hay bales for seating. The set up will blend with the whole scenery, and create a beautiful vibe.

Bedouin tent

The Bedouins sure know how to set up tents! At Karm el Joz we offer sturdy and colorful Bedouin tents; they protect from the sun and the heat, and are a great color addition to the sometimes-monochrome palettes of the plains. After a big meal or few hours of dancing, the guests can take a break in the tent and enjoy some privacy to relax.

Traditional Wooden Cart

There is a reason the streets of Lebanon are filled with those wooden carts. They are practical, sturdy, and beautiful. They can be used for just anything: decoration, displays, or even for specific functional reasons. At Karm el Joz, not only are they very useful, but they also fit in perfectly!

Hay bales

Hay bales are some of the most well-known animal foods. This doesn’t mean that they cannot be used for different purposes. The bales make some of the coolest seating areas, they are very decorative, they can create paths, or even hide unwanted sights.


Old McDonald had a farm, and so do we. To get a complete “nature experience”, our sheep, horses and white donkey can be released in the back garden. They will stroll around peacefully and feed on the grass. Watching them will give everybody a sense of freedom.