Get some helpful tips

After having spent so many summers here, we’ve come up with some advice that might help you brainstorm and take some decisions. From weather, to props and themes, we’ve prepared helpful tips for you to go through.

Beqaa Weather

The Bekaa weather is rather dry. At Karm el Joz it is warm during the day and a little chilly at night. We advise people to bring a light wrap for the evening. The sun is out on most days of the year, and thanks to the trees, the summer heat is reduced and people can enjoy a refreshing breeze. The sound and feel of the wind between the walnut tree leaves is a real delight!


At Karm el Joz, people will walk on the grass, maybe sit on hay bales and definitely dance between the trees. We strongly suggest the ladies wear comfortable shoes! Stilettos get stuck in the grass and will quickly be taken off. Karm el Joz is the perfect place to show off your pretty flats, or wedge heels.


The Bekaa is closer than we think! There are, however, many nice hotels within a 15mins ride from Karm el Joz to accommodate those who would like to spend the night around. Here are our favorites:

ecolodge ; Taanayel ; 3mins ride ; Managed by arcenciel, the ecolodge consists of traditional Bekaa houses where guests sleep on mattresses on the floor. It is perfect for young people who want to have a fun and cool getaway. It can fit up to 5 people per room. Average price range per room: 80 – 100$

Hotel Massabki ; Chtaura ; 5mins ride ; The renowned Massabki Hotel in Chtaura was built in 1920. It is a boutique hotel with a unique character and atmosphere. It has been the hotel of choice of many stars, poets, politicians… throughout the years. Average price range per room: 150 – 250$

Grand Hotel Kadri ; Zahle ; 10mins ride ; Our grand parents used to summer there, to visit their family from Zahle! The majestic hotel’s rooms overlook either the Berdawni river or the valley of Sannine. A great place to stay if you want to enjoy a delicious mezza at one of the Berdawni restaurants the next day! Average price range per room: 100 – 200$

Beit el Kroum ; Zahle ; 15mins ride ; It is a new boutique hotel where Beirutis love to stay. From its infinity pool, guests can enjoy the sight of the Bekaa valley all the way from the top of Zahle!
Average price range per room: 100 – 200$

Chtaura Park Hotel ; Chtaura ; 5mins ride ; Practical and elegantly designed, the Chtaura Park Hotel has a beautiful terrace and gardens. Average price range per room: 100 – 200$

Layali el Shams Hotel ; Anjar ; 15mins ride ; Originally the largest restaurant of the Bekaa “El Shams”, Layali el Shams Hotel opened its doors in 2015. It is located close to the famous ruins of Anjar and is quite practical for Bekaa visits. Average price range per room: 120 – 220$

Tourism in the Beqaa

Famous sites to visit: The ruins of Baalbeck – The ruins of Anjar – The Terbol Museum – The Rayak train station – The Niha Roman ruins – The citadel & souk of Rachaya – Deir Taanayel
Wineries for wine tasting: Ksara in Ksara – Domaine des Tourelles in Chtaura – Kefraya
Delicious addresses: Berdawni river restaurants in Zahle – Tawlet Ammiq in Ammiq – Al Khan al Makssoud in Taanayel – Labne sandwiches in Chtaura (Massabki / Jarjoura / Hedwan)